Posted by: Nurdin Kaparov | September 3, 2009

Human vs Robot

Lately we had a group discussion on the same topic; the question was not if the robots are going to dominate human being but if there’s a possibility. The technology is developing fast, years back Yahoo and Google used to give limited storage for emails, but now it’s unlimited, there’s no problem of memory space; present technology allows storing data even in cells and atomic level, you can think about enormous information storage capacity. The internet has entered almost all the doors, and virtual world expanding day by day, entire human related matters are available there; like your birthday party photos and you can trace who have come and who not. Entire documentation is done on computers, making all data to be obtainable in soft copies. The mobile communication devices make you to be reachable any time anywhere. And especially new progresses in Artificial Intelligence, making computers to chose better option, to develop superior decision making ability, having the opportunity to use ready knowledge and most important the facility to mine the required data from entire Virtual World, where everything is available about human race. I believe this evolution one day can click in this AI’s mind to take steps that are going to harm people. These were the points that I placed forward getting their agreement towards that there’s a risk. In this regard I asked how it could be defeated, one of the attendant said that we are going to fight with robots and win, but I should bring the attention that at that level we will be not seeing the opponent as a robot but a virtual creature which could exist wherever, each electronic devise which will be connected with electronic signal will be under its command. I believe it could be achieved by two way one is neutralization which is two create two same AIs that they are going to destroy each other and second humanization.

Recently the movie with name “Eagle Eye” has been released by Hollywood. It’s about AI software that is developed by Pentagon, whose prime and only aim is to assist the national security. And this software was capable of entering to any computer, trace any information in general where the electronic device was there it was there. It was fine until it has come to conclusion that national security would better achieved by killing and replacing the President of USA. And to attain this objective there wouldn’t be any discussion, how many people may die or what could be the cost. But to take this sharp decision software needed permission, by which entire film scenario took place. It could see from any public or private cameras that are connected to wire. And it was able to send information to any monitor, and lock or open any electronic door, and even change and send another image to surveillance x-ray monitor in airport security. And it could develop highly sophisticated technology by itself that even the latest technology reached by human would be alien; where this software could make out the speech of people by vibration of water in tea coup. The film ended by this system being damaged by group who identifies the trick that it used to play. AI tried to send all data in the system to another location but fails to do so and end of it comes, but I should admit that if this software could exist it wouldn’t be so unintelligent not to understand the need of data backup.

I have asked from my old informatics professor about the technologies that could be developed, may be already existing; will it be possible to mine the data from the computer that is switched off, mostly when we shutdown the computers we do not unplug the cables it remains there, it means there’s an electronic signal in the motherboard though the devices are not working; and with advanced technology why not to be able to extract all information from the hard disc. It could be not a big deal, because I read news years back that scientist are working in the field to avail internet through electronic wires. Let’s go further will it be possible to trace the data if there’s no electricity in the cable, why not, think about sending the radio signal through wire, to the motherboard, from there to hard disc, and by getting the visual feedback the original format of information could be shaped. What about if the computer is not plugged to any wire at all, think about the case of laptop, is it possible to derive information from there. Hmm, it’s too possible; take into consideration of mobile phones that we carry all the time with us, wherever we get call the monitor and speaker starts to vibrate, it means that cellular phones have high radio signals, and it could also pass through hard disc, and all information could be sent and transformed to original form. If these are possible then there is no way that we can hide information but we will be forced to encrypt data with advanced encryption, because human related information is very sensitive.

These new creatures with advanced skills, virtual form, complex understanding, boundless knowledge and superior learning ability may be reality one day but it will be restricted with human related feelings, Love, hatred, compassion, eternity etc. But how it will be possible to defeat this inhuman enemy and bring it into command of human being; how about transplantation of Heart to this beings! In the latest movie of “Terminator Salvation” a robot was created with human heart, it will not release that it’s robot unless it will see that his body is metallic. He will be told that he was created to destroy the human race, but takes a decision to be with human and fights against robots. If it’s possible will this human or robot, or both, will be responsible for its action, will it be judged according to divine law, and will spirit of heart brought in hereafter. Very complex to think, but same time more questions arises; is the spirit separate from body, if spirit is connected, is it connected through mind, brain or heart. I used to think about this question for many years, but more or less have come to conclusion that it should be through Heart only.

Human is able to think one thing and other thinking capacity is psychological reflection, same thing for computers; CPU too does one task, but it appears for us that it’s multitasking because it’s able to process multiple jobs at same time it means processor is performing series of operations this executions could be from separate tasks. Human takes assistance from task performers, example we get help from MS Word to type and get printed that easies our job, during my typing this sentence computer having series of operations, I don’t have to think all about that. We delegate tasks to Artificial Intelligence like Expert Systems, same time AIs also can take help from other AIs to make its job easier. In MATRIX film, the AI that became threat to human employees “Agents” which are actually another AI software, and there are Keymaker, Oracle and many more, but one of this AI becomes threat to mother AI. During this time Matrix takes help from Neo, to destroy this software for which Matrix is going to offer Peace to original living people. Neo is a human, which has a Heart that makes him distinguish, the characteristics and cognition that is beyond the perception of AI.

In famous movie “Artificial Intelligence” by Steven Spielberg, a mecha boy David was depicted with an ability to Love. In this film a mother who losses her child adopts a robot boy, but it was not an ordinary, was with feeling to love and same time gains the mother’s love too. Boy with astonishing ability of Love despite all obstacles nothing prevents him to Love, and this Love could continue till eternity. The quality of human being to forget is one of the amazing gift that is given by God, if we could remember everything our life could be nightmare. But every action, every word is written in divine book, which we will be countable one day, for every atomic good deed and bad deed. In head traumas we may forget entire past, which means though the feelings that human inherit is not applicable with biochemical reactions in brain but something to do with mind. So this mecha boy could have human heart but brain of simple software that to forget bad experiences, which could make his feelings unconditional. In our days the new technology is enabling heart transplantation with artificial heart, or a heart which is made up of plastic, but performing same functionality.

But what about the heart to be placed not in the robot but into the system, entire decision making proceeding will be hanged over by this heart and depend for his pure judgment. In one of Prophetic (pbuh) tradition, he said “There is a fleshy part in the body. If it is healthy, then the whole of the body is healthy. If it is corrupted, then all the body is corrupted. Beware! That part is heart”. This system without human organs expect heart, will it have human desires, and this system which is capable of seeing from each camera and touch from each electronic device, will it be in examination with his carnal desire, will it be judged with divine law in Hereafter, or all what is written in this article is only fantasies without actuality.



  1. Nurdin salam,

    Jakshi jazipsing abdan. Azir balkim bul oylor fantaziya katari kabil alinishi mumkun, birok kelechekte men ishenem bardik nerse ozgorot. Tok bolbodon da komputerlerdin ichine kirip malimat alishka mumkunchuluktor payda bolot. Energiyani azirga cheyin dele tushuno elek adamzat degenibiz. Tesla’nin ukmush proekterinen biri – toktu zim koldonboy turup abadan jiberuuchu sistemalardi kuruu ele. Bulga okshogon nerseler ishke ashsa, albette energiyani da tuura koldonot elek anan kop nerse arzan bolot ele. Nano tehnologiyalar onugup jatat bilesing azir. Ayabay jakin ubakta tankaltiruuchu achilishtar bolot bilimde. Oshonduktan, ech jagdayingdi buzbay ele fantaziya kila ber.

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